Hammond’s Lament (Yesterday) May 2021 https://youtu.be/Wdki-RO94v4 A tale of love and loss recounted by John Hammond, flamboyant creator of Jurassic Park. This is a Helpless Saps cover of The Beatles' Yesterday. Check out Xavier's songs on Spotify. The art on… Read more
A zine template December 2020 Hey guys, recently I made a 14-page zine with a single A3 page and I really liked the result. The cover and back-cover look really tidy and the page-through is quite easy. I spent a… Read more
Metrophobia, a poetry zine November 2020 Presenting my first zine, Metrophobia. This A6-format, 8-pages zine is made up of six original poems I wrote between 2018 and today. Ngl, all these poems have been published on the website, but some of… Read more
before – studio version October 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYLTnuQafeg Almost one year ago I wrote a poem which became a song, which started a band. Phew. Now Helpless Saps is finally releasing a (home) studio version of it. You can listen to it… Read more
Metrophobia September 2020 I am still here and still doing stuff! After a quite intense bout of Real Life, I am hopeful I can get back into creative work this fall. Happy Spooktober to all, I hope you're… Read more
You know, death August 2020 This is an excerpt from (one of) the projects I will be working on during Nanowrimo this year. I like the dynamic between the characters a lot, and how angry the main character is. I… Read more
Songbirds May 2020 [insert "It's been 84 years" GIF here] It took me two months and many iterations to finish this poem. Gah, damn lockdown! The poem in itself was largely inspired by Mary Oliver, who has been… Read more
before – original song April 2020 Once upon a time I wrote a poem, then a friend of mine made it into a song and it turned into a whole thing. We released it as Helpless Saps (also technically 2/5 of… Read more
Week 3 April 2020 John and Paul voice: are you sad because you're on your own? Eh. I get by with a little help from my friends (proceeds to listen to Cavetown's Hug all ur friends on repeat). (fuck… Read more
The first time April 2020 It’s been almost ten years now, the memories are blurry. But that feeling won’t let itself be forgotten.  Maybe not all of us have been through this particular roller-coaster of emotions, so imagine : in… Read more
My feet pound a lonely beat on the pavement March 2020 Here we go : nobody was waiting for this but I wrote it anyway, a sad lockdown-fueled poem about how much I love my city. Chance had me walking through Place de Brouckère one cold… Read more
Chores March 2020 This poem is about how much I love pasta. (No, it is not.) (But it could be, because listen : I love pasta a whole fucking lot.) The word "chore" always makes me think of… Read more