Metrophobia – 2023 version

At the end of October, I reedited my zine Metrophobia, with updated versions of some poems as well as some new ones. The goal is to distribute it at a few holiday-themed art fairs in order to promote the poem book I am going to publish next year! Huzzah!

This version of Metrophobia is in color but smaller in size. It contains 7 poems, 2 of them being new. If you want a digital or paper version, please contact me (email address below), they are completely free.

I’ve been working on this new poem book, called Arms Always Open for a few months. I’m almost ready to publish it, basically as soon as the cover art is done. But I also gotta work on finding an audience for it, which is not a simple task. So if you’re interested, keep an eye out for a big announcement here in the coming months! 🙂