Week 3

John and Paul voice: are you sad because you’re on your own? Eh. I get by with a little help from my friends (proceeds to listen to Cavetown’s Hug all ur friends on repeat).

(fuck punctuation)

listen I made the food then I
ate the food burned my tongue I blew
on it tasted the salt and oil swallowed
tasteless mouthfuls did not cry the city
breathes out a quiet chill echoes of
cutlery on plates and cats begging for
freedom my window wide open I wish
I could fly but here I am stuck
in place eating the food that I
made not crying books open and
discarded I want to jump scream
sing a song make a scene be a
bird I want to escape but I’m eating
the food and staring at the darkening sky
not crying my glasses
fog up the food is too hot
I am