SF DAY 5 – Now that might just be too much excitement for one day

Back at Fisherman’s Wharf, I am ravenous, so I go on the hunt for food. But first, I wander through le Musée Mécanique and its creepy robots, spend a couple quarters on the worst game of flipper anyone’s ever seen. I head to Boudin for some much deserved warm food. Boudin is known for using some sort of bacteria you only find in San Francisco to bake their sourdough? I didn’t follow everything, but the point is: their bread is amazing. As is their chili. Like wow. 

My belly full and happy, I walk the crowded, store-filled yards of Pier 39, toying with the setting sun, the bay and some seagulls, til I get to the honking, napping sea lions. It seems silly to just stand there and watch about fifty water dogs nap, but I gotta admit, it’s fun. 

After that, I have the immense pleasure to live a typical American experience I’ve always, always wondered about: I get a hot pretzel. I eat the entire thing while doing a little dance because I’m eating a pretzel!!! Full disclosure: it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I buy a ticket for the Bay Aquarium. It is much smaller than the one at the Academy, but still! Big fishes! Jellies! Rays! Sharks! Otters! 

When I get out of there and into the fresh, too fresh, goddam cold air, night has fallen around me. I walk the whole coast to the Embarcadero, and stumble on a pier just like the one in La La Land as I’m listening to City of stars. It’s fate. I scream Emma Stone’ s name into the void, but only seagulls answer me. People on the pier give me a wide birth, though.

Who knows? Is this is the start of something wonderful and new? Or one more dream that I cannot make true.

I hitch a ride with BART, get to Powell just in time for a showing of Star Wars. Star!!! Wars!!! Space gals and lightsabers!!! The Force!!! Carrie Fisher!!! Finn and Poe’s incredible love story!!! Oscar Isaac’s fake hair!!! I’m not going to spoil the new movie for you, but let me just say I totally saw Rey and Ben being twins coming, I mean come on!

SONG CREDITS: City of stars – La La Land OST