Look at those people
Look at them like they are different from you
Like they will never belong where you will
Put some distance
More distance
Put up barriers and then walls
And don’t forget the shards of glass on top

Tell them how they are supposed to behave, dress and talk
Tell them who they are
And remind them everyday how different they are
And by different you mean inferior
Because everything has its box
Neatly labelled
And the mount of boxes HAS to be in order
Otherwise it’s chaos, you know?

So maybe their box is on the bottom
Weighed down by all the other boxes
But that’s not your fault
It’s just how the world is
And when they move around the box a little bit
It jostles and the boxes on top
Stumble and fall to the ground
You call for order
You are scared
They ruin everything
It’s their fault
You are scared because this box you put there
Could make the whole order collapse
If it moved just a little bit to the left

So you build more walls
You put more shards of glass on top
To protect your precious order
You tell them to behave
To fit in their box and stop moving
You are scared
It’s all their fault

The truth is
The chaos is in your head