So what now?

This is an excerpt from an original project called Alice in Neverland that never actually came to fruition. I did write a few codas for it, and you can find some of those here.

“Ok so what now?” she stage-whispered into my ear.

I huffed a breath and felt her answering grin in my neck down to my toes.

“I don’t know… What do you think we should do?”

“I think we definitely should wait for your roommate to get out of the shower.”

I rolled my eyes, mostly for show. “He’s not coming out of the bathroom naked, you know. He, as a human being, is pretty fond of clothes.”

She blew a raspberry at me. “I wonder why we’re friends, you’re such a bumming bummer. God, have some fun, let me dream!”

I watched her, trying for nonchalant but probably looking bored out of my mind, while she floated around the room, examining Danny’s collection of CD’s and books, the patterns on the throw-pillows, the view from the window. I didn’t understand the pull there, or really, I understood it too well. Everything I saw in this girl was irritating me, her brightly colored 50’s-style dress and hippie hairstyle, her overly theatrical manners like her mundane life was some sort of Broadway stage or an episode of Glee. And still she didn’t feel fake for a second, she felt like this was the real her and she didn’t find a single reason to shy away from it. That was what was buzzing inside my skin, somewhere around my belly-button, making me want to impress her, to make her talk to me, what attracted me like a fucking moth to a flame. I wanted her. I wanted to kiss the soft spot at the back of her knee and see what kind of dramatic Broadway noises I could draw out of her then.

We weren’t really friends. She was socializing me like a wild animal fresh out of the jungle being introduced in a zoo, and I had a hopeless crush. That was all this was and would ever be.